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The INN is a unique community of believers focused on serving unreached diaspora peoples in the United States — our new neighbors! Join us as we love our new neighbors in the name of Jesus.

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International Neighborhood Networks

There are 82 unreached people groups in the United States today, representing over 4.8 million people. In this age of migration, God is moving people from unreached people groups scattered around the world right to our doorstep. What an opportunity to share the love of Christ with people who have yet to hear the gospel message.

We believe that God has placed people in our neighborhoods that are far more difficult to reach in their homelands. We also believe that reaching our new neighbors will play a pivotal role in world missions as God continues to draw all nations to Himself.


The INN is a team of innovative workers who have a passion to see God’s name glorified among the nations. Our goal is to see the name of Jesus exalted among unreached people groups in the United States and then back to their homelands.

Unique Opportunities

"The diversity and influx of immigrants into America over the last few decades have presented American Christians with an unparalleled opportunity in missions to spread the gospel among unreached peoples from our own homeland back their country of origin."

-Chris Clayman

Welcoming The World

Fulfilling the Great Commission has traditionally meant living in another country, learning a new language and culture, and overcoming being an outsider.

Today the nations are coming to our doorstep. The diaspora (people who have moved from their homeland) may already speak English and want help learning more. They need help with logistics, learning our cultural norms, and settling their families into our communities. Often they are more open-minded and willing to learn about our faith and beliefs.

There are countless opportunities for workers in America to love and serve our new neighbors. What is needed are open eyes, a servant heart, and the courage to engage with people who at first seem very different.

Building Networks

World Team has hundreds of years’ experience and expertise in sending and supporting cross-cultural missionaries to plant churches among unreached peoples around the world. In response to the need and opportunity to reach the US diaspora community, World Team is applying its expertise here in the US.

Our teams are based in US cities and will work with networks of local churches, organizations and individuals to coordinate effective evangelism, discipleship, and nurturing a church into existence.


Each team will evaluate best ministry practices for serving the needs of their community in collaboration with local efforts. This may include English language services, help getting started in a new country, or navigating other logistical issues.


These holistic efforts are rooted in our commitment to sharing the gospel in word and deed so that the lost may be saved and participate in the body of Christ.

The Age of Migration

The number of people on the move internationally is greater than ever before.

We live in the age of migration.

You’ve probably seen evidence of America’s changing face in your own city or neighborhood. Many people are coming from parts of the world least reached by the gospel.


Our neighborhoods are becoming home to the very people missionaries are working to reach around the world. What an opportunity to welcome them in the name of Jesus!

By The Numbers
Rise in Migration

The UN says that international migration surged 4% since 2000.

Unreached Diaspora

The number of unreached diaspora

is at an all-time high.

Finding Home

Over 20% of the world’s migrants desire to come to the United States


Do you love sharing your faith with others? Do you enjoy welcoming people from different backgrounds and cultures? Come join an existing team or be part of a new team forming to reach our new neighbors.


Praying is an active step in loving our new neighbors! We’re raising up a team of 100 people committed to praying for this ministry on a regular basis. Write or call to let us know if you will be part of this vital team.


From ministry resources to research and training expenses, funds are needed to maintain existing teams and launch new teams. Thank you for caring about the unreached diaspora in the United States –our new neighbors.

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