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What does
spark in you?
Engage with the team that is impacting the nations in our backyard

God is at work among the communities we serve. Join us in prayer as we participate in and celebrate God's redemptive work.



What does the vision of The INN stir in you? We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.



The INN exists because of the generosity of people like you. Contribute to where God is moving through The INN today.


Two Ministry Options

Motivated by the love of Christ, we engage unreached diaspora by meeting felt needs, building genuine friendships and sharing the Gospel. We introduce them to Jesus and the Bible with the goal of forming worshipping communities.

We are actively looking for teammates with a heart gripped with God’s love for those what have not had access to the Truth. Come live life with our neighbors in a cross-cultural community.

Join the team that is impacting the nations for Christ! Opportunities are for 2 or more years.


Compass is a learning community located in Savannah, Georgia. It provides a hands-on, holistic ministry and training opportunity for young adults.

Join the team and expand your relationship building, evangelism, and disciple-making skills! And, we will give you plenty of time to put your training into every day practice.

Join the team that is learning, growing and serving together. Opportunities are for 4 – 8 months.

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