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Most Christians are familiar with the concept of ‘give, go and pray’. Today, with unprecedented global migration trends, there are reasons to ‘stay’ to reach the unreached people groups (UPGs) migrating into communities across America. World Team can play a significant role in welcoming our new neighbors –the often neglected unreached diaspora.


As the Lord of the Harvest moves unreached peoples to the US, issues of employment, obtaining a visa and the cost of travel are eliminated. Recognizing this opportunity, World Team US has positioned itself to engage the unreached diaspora intentionally, strategically, and apostolically. As we continue to send workers globally, we are also sending workers to serve in US cities.


God is at work in the world through the mass movements of people, those fleeing persecution, war, and starvation to lands of security and prosperity. God is still at work stirring the hearts of His followers to make disciples of all nations and to walk in obedience to the Great Commission. Join us by praying, giving and ‘staying’ as we seek to reach the unreached diaspora in the US.

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Our Guiding Principals

The Gospel


The Good News of God’s abundant love and grace to us through Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do. The Gospel is our passion. The Gospel is how any and all spiritual change happens in the lives of individuals, groups, and institutions of people. This principle, before all others, guides us in decision making, the solutions we embrace, ministry conduct and our relationships with others.




Prayer is vital to a growing relationship with Him and ministry in His name. Prayer reflects our belonging and submission to Him, our need for direction and provision, and our acknowledgement that we can do nothing without Him.




Facilitative ministry is a mindset regarding one’s role, function, and end result. Facilitation includes drawing out the gifts, talents, experiences and desires of others, and encouraging them to do ministry. Our mission and vision describe multiplication as inherent in what we do. While we can plant churches and make disciples, only they can multiply themselves.




We need the diversity of gifts, knowledge, perspectives, and experiences of all our members and partners to accomplish our mission. Working together in teams exemplifies, for the emerging church, what true fellowship looks like.


Holistic Ministry


Our strategies integrate ministry to the whole person, addressing the spiritual, social, and physical needs of people we serve while focusing on the multiplication of disciples and churches. Holistic church planting promotes incarnational ministry, increases trust among unreached people groups, and fleshes out the Gospel with which we have been charged.



As workers, we intentionally surrender our rights to our culture, language, and ways and embrace those of other cultures. By this, we seek to model Christ, who emptied Himself of the privileges and powers of divinity, taking on human form, in order to carry out His mission.


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