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Serving our neighbors through holistic church planting strategies
Where We Serve

God is moving among the diaspora in America, opening doors for gospel-centered ministry across the country. The INN is focused on US cities, with a vision to expand to 20 cities. Our hope it to see communities of believers multiply and the hope of the gospel shared back to the nations they represent.

Check out the places and ways we are serving our neighbors. How is God calling you to get involved?

Central PA.jpg
The INN at
Central PA

Of the 160,000+ Arabic speakers in PA, approximately 60,000 live in Central PA. We serve among people from various countries, to include Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Morocco.

The INN at
South Florida

The INN: South Florida exists to establish disciple making movements as we share the gospel and plant the church among diaspora peoples. We are actively engaging refugees and immigrants from the Arab speaking world.

Philadelphia PA.jpg
The INN at
Philadelphia, PA

Of the 6.06 million people in the Philadephia metro area, almost 3% of the population are Muslim. The immigrant population is diverse with the greatest number of diaspora come from Asia.

The INN at
Chicago, IL

Chicagoland has one of the largest and diverse immigrant and refugee populations in the US. With an estimated 500,000 Muslims and 350,000 Hindus there are many opportunities to serve.

The INN at
Knoxville, TN

The foreign-born population is estimated to be 30,000 people, to include an estimated 5,000 Muslims and 5,000 South Asian peoples. The 3rd most spoken language in the public schools is Arabic.

The INN at
Savannah, GA

Savannah is one of two cities in GA that receives resettled individuals. The team works with 16+ unreached people groups providentially brought by God. Many of the people groups are Muslim.

Columbus OH.jpg
The INN at
Columbus, OH

People from all over the world call this metro area home. It hosts 100+ international companies with significant operations. Columbus has the 2nd largest population of Somali’s in the US.

Central PA.jpg
The INN at
Lancaster Co, PA

Designated the “Refugee Capital of the US” by the BBC in a 2017 report, The INN has connected with 7 different unreached peoples, including Muslim and Buddhist background peoples.

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