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Which One is True?

As I was recently saying goodbye to one of my closest Muslim families before they moved to a new city, I asked them to share one of God’s greatest gifts to them during their time in our city. Without hesitation, the husband said, “God blessed us by knowing you and your community. We had no one before you came to us. Now, we are sad to leave this city because we are leaving you all." His community had become followers of Jesus and embraced him and his wife as they shared meals, practiced English, and discussed the Word of God weekly for almost two years.

Our friends had received Bibles from our team, and I had personally enjoyed dozens of gospel conversations with them. One of our last spiritual discussions ended with my friend saying, “We need to know which one is true [the teachings of the Quran or the teachings of the Bible] and I think we should pray to know which one is right. Pray for me to know the truth and I will pray for you.”

Pray for my friend’s eyes to be opened - Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life my friend is searching for!


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