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A Mother and Her Daughter

This last month has been full of wonderful ministry opportunities—from baby showers to birthday parties to conversations over delicious meals. God has made a way for relationships to be built and maintained.

One of my favorite things was sharing a delicious Turkish meal with my friend and her family. I loved it because it felt like I was truly with family. ‘H’ always introduces me to others as her daughter.

Since we have such a deep friendship, she values what I share with her. She listens when I share about Jesus and thanks me when I pray for her. She even gives me her prayer requests! I listen when she shares about her homeland and the values she was taught when growing up.

We are so, so different, but God saw fit to bring us together as friends —or as a mother and her daughter. I don't know all that God will do, but I know He wants me to show ‘H’ how much He loves her and her family. Please join me in praying for ‘H's request —that she passes the US Citizenship test! She'll take it in the next couple of months. I told her we'll be sure to have a party when she passes it to become a US Citizen!

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