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Arabic "Encouraging Words"

When approached by a Muslim friend who was going through a very difficult time, an INN worker started to record messages for her friend that focused on having a relationship with Jesus. As she was recording these words of hope for her friend, she realized that there are barely any Christian podcasts in the Arabic world. She was led to start a new Christian podcast in Arabic.

Motivated by the need for people to know the foundation of Christianity, especially the message of love and forgiveness, she launched a podcast titled: “Arabic Bible Encouraging Words”.

She started a few episodes on the sermon on the mount, then moved to teach ten episodes on the parable of the prodigal son. She continued to teach on the Psalms and topics like depression. The newest episodes are on hope and overcoming failures.

This unique and first of its kind podcast ministry needs your prayers and encouragement. The statistics, even though the podcast is still at its beginnings, are encouraging! There are listeners from 38 countries and the podcast is now on eleven platforms. The largest audience is in the United States, the second largest is in the Middle East. Literally hundreds of Arabic speakers are listening to hear the truth of God’s Word and to learn more about the gospel of grace.


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