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Is it Always this Beautiful?

During a recent holiday season, as we prepared to celebrate, my teammates and I prayed for opportunities to invite friends to our gatherings so we could share about Jesus’ death and resurrection. At each Muslim home I visited, I invited my friends to join me for special services my church was hosting, and to dinners and activities with my teammates. I trusted that God would guide me in these conversations and stir the hearts of those who were “seekers” of the one, true God.

In the most stunning way, God brought five families to our gatherings, where the gospel was shared and celebrated that weekend. For one of these families, it was the first time they had heard the Good News, and we are praying that they would one day receive the gospel. Another friend whispered to me in the middle of the service, “Is it always this beautiful? The people singing like this [to God]?! I wish I wouldn’t have waited to come with you - I’m coming back!”

Pray for our friends that they will come to understand who the one true God is and all that he is offering!


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