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Is Jesus Worth It?

‘M’ came from Iraq to the US and moved in with his brother, who had arrived in the US a few years earlier. A neighbor invited M to attend church and after a few months, ‘M’ asked to be baptized. The pastor of the church called me and asked for help.

Though ‘M’ was Muslim, he wanted to get baptized thinking that this would make him a Christian and an American. When listening to M’s story, I realized he was searching to know the God of the Bible. I shared the Gospel message with him starting with creation and leading to the cross.

What a joy it was when ‘M’ understood the gospel and put his faith in Christ. A month later ‘M’ shared his testimony of becoming a follower of Jesus and was baptized.

After his baptism, his family started to mistreat and persecute him. They no longer talked to him, caused him to lose his job and asked him to leave the family home. Having lost everything, his family asked ‘M’ if Jesus was worth all of this –his answer was a resounding ‘YES’.

Despite the rejection, ridicule and possible harm facing ‘M’ because of choosing to follow Jesus, he is filled with the joy of the Lord. He is determined to live for Christ and honor Him in his life. Today, he is growing in his faith and as an active follower of Jesus, is sharing his faith with other Muslims so they can be introduced to Jesus.


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