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Part of the Family

What started with a practical way to help a refugee woman with too many items to carry, has blossomed into a relationship that has blessed our lives. ‘R’ and I met in the neighborhood where we live.

Through many fits and starts, by God’s grace, we have developed a friendship. We laugh with tears as we use our impractical and sometimes useless translators to understand one another. We cry together when we are missing our moms. I watch her babies so she can meet her girlfriend at the market or go to an ESL class. I teach English to her, and she translates what her little ones are saying in Farsi to me. At least once a month we eat dinner together with our husbands.

I am fascinated with how she makes rice and she now has my homemade pizza recipe. Almost daily, we text or video chat. My husband and I were honored guests in the beginning. But this has changed recently; we are now a part of the family.

‘E’ loves to talk with my husband about his homeland. He also trusts him to give him good advice about work and even caring for his family. They have invited us to be a part of “family” events – birthday parties, picnics at the park, helping them find new and safer housing. We invite them to holiday meals and excursions around the city.

We openly talk about our faith, read Bible stories and pray together. Pray with us that ‘R’ and ‘E’ will come to know the Lord.


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