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What does this story say about God?

In a recent Bible study, I asked, "What does this story say about God?" SK pointed to the Farsi words in the Bible and in English said, "Do not be afraid. It will be ok." These words of Jesus to Jairus and his wife as they faced their greatest fear were the same words Brian spoke to SK a week ago when she was overcome with a fearful situation.

God led me to share a time when Jesus healed a woman. We read Luke 8:40-56 and talked about how Jesus values all people —men with honor and power like Jairus, as well as women society views as dishonorable —like the woman with the issue of blood. He stopped to give His full attention to women because they are equally important to Him as anyone else. He sees us and cares.

This idea draws Muslim women to Jesus because their belief system models the opposite. The Koran says nothing about women being rewarded in heaven or what waits for them in paradise. But Jesus is different. In this story he honored a rejected woman in front of men commending her for the brave step of faith she took to reach out for what she needed most.

Jesus gave his life for all people regardless of gender, position or power. Will SK realize she is important enough for Jesus to stop and see her; to give His all for her sake?

I asked, "Who will you tell this story to?" With a smile she said, "I will tell my mother and sister (in Iran)!" How miraculous that the people she wants to tell about Jesus are women who have no access to an authentic witness. They have no church to visit. No Bible to read. No Christian to tell them stories of Jesus, but God moved their daughter, their sister, across the world so she could be loved by His people and hear His Word. Not only for her sake, but for theirs as well!

Our goal is not to teach English (although that helps) but to raise up disciples who will raise up more disciples both here and in their home countries. Don't miss what God did today. An Iranian Muslim woman in the US read the Bible with American Christian women and is going on WhatsApp tonight to tell Jesus stories to Muslims in Iran! That is miraculous!

Please pray for SK to read the story again at home with understanding and pray she will tell her family back in Iran what she heard today about Jesus. Pray her family receives the stories and asks for more. Pray that she will follow Jesus.


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