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Why Are You so Happy?

Has anyone ever sought you out because they wondered what makes you different, asking, “Why do you seem so happy and at peace?” An INN worker recently had this experience.

The INN worker shared with his friend “S” that what he was observing was evidence of Jesus in his life. Through ongoing conversations, it became evident that “S” had a growing thirst to know more about God.

“S” continued to learn more about Jesus over the next few months, and as he grew in his understanding that the peace and joy he was seeking could only be found in Christ, he put his faith in Jesus.

As the INN worker discipled “S" and heard more of his story, he knew that it was a clear testimony as to how God can heal even the most broken and hurting people. A few months after “S” first believed, he was instrumental in leading a Muslim couple to faith in Christ. “S” continues to grow in his faith.


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